Dr. Ann B. Beeder
Dr. Ann B. Beeder

The Division of Community and Public Health Programs offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for substance abuse, as well as psychiatric treatment and referral.

Today, pain medications are the category of drugs in which abuse is growing most rapidly. Dependence on these medications affects individuals of all ages. Physicians, increasingly asked to evaluate or treat patients with dependency on pain medications or other drugs, find that the drug use threatens the efficacy of appropriate treatment for psychiatric or other medical disorders. The Division's integrated programs will provide a comprehensive evaluation for these patients and will develop a treatment plan, working with the referring physician.

The Division also studies gaps and inadequacies in our health care system and attempts to develop systematic and ongoing interventions to reduce the impact of those gaps. Current activities include research into substance abuse and associated medical conditions, studies that investigate and address health disparities and cross-cultural medicine, a wide range of treatment programs for the uninsured and poor of the community, and programs for employees of the Medical Center consortium.

Contact information:

Ann B. Beeder, MD
Division Chief, Division of Community and Public Health Programs
Department of Public Health
Jeanette and Jeffrey Lasdon Associate Professor
of Clinical Public Health and Psychiatry


Mailing Address:
Weill Cornell Medical College - Department of Public Health
Division of Community and Public Health Programs
1163 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065