Health Policy and Economics

The Physicians Foundation Center for the Study of Physician Practice and Leadership at Weill Cornell Medicine (CPPL)

The goal of the Physicians Foundation Center for Physician Practice and Leadership (CPPL) is to help create conditions that enable physicians – and the organizations within which they work – to improve the health of individual patients and of the U.S. population while helping to constrain the growth of health care costs. The Center pursues this goal by conducting and disseminating empirical research and by writing conceptual articles aimed at clarifying key issues and at informing public policies as well as the private policies created by health care organizations.

CPPL is particularly interested in the health of disadvantaged populations, in intended and unintended consequences of financial and nonfinancial incentives for physicians and provider organizations, in issues related to the acquisition and consolidation of provider organizations, in outpatient care, in post-acute care, in public and private policies likely to support physician professionalism, in physician leadership, and in comparative effectiveness research on the health care delivery system: what types of organizations, given what types of incentives, are most likely to improve the health of their population of patients?

List of Publications for the Physicians Foundation Center on Physician Practice and Leadership