Dr. Joseph J. Fins
Dr. Joseph J. Fins

This joint division in the Departments of Medicine and Public Health is responsible for conducting research in medical ethics and coordinating Weill Cornell's curricular activities in this area. Areas of scholarship include the integration of ethics into health services, outcomes and policy research, research and health policy advocacy to improve the appropriate medical treatment of patients with brain injury, the ethics of clinical decision-making, the care of the terminally ill, and the ethical dimensions of clinical and basic science research. Research initiatives explore patients' needs for autonomy, appropriate care, and support; issues surrounding reproductive and genetic biotechnologies; and public health ethics and social justice. Clinical faculty also direct a clinical ethics service at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center to help patients and their families make difficult care decisions.

Read the recent article in Bioethics Forum by Dr. Joseph Fins on the Bucharest Early Intervention Project.

Contact information:

Joseph J. Fins, MD, MACP
E. William Davis Jr., M.D. Professor of Medical Ethics
Chief, Division of Medical Ethics,
Departments of Medicine and Public Health
Professor of Medicine
Professor of Public Health
Professor of Medicine in Psychiatry
Director of Medical Ethics and Attending Physician
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center

Kerrine Simone Carter
Administrative Assistant

Mailing Address:
Weill Cornell Medical College
Division of Medical Ethics
435 E. 70th St. 4J
New York, NY 10021