Quantitative reasoning: Health informatics applicants must demonstrate strength in quantitative reasoning through excellent performance in undergraduate mathematics or statistical coursework, high scores on standardized tests, or both.

Disciplinary strength: Health informatics applicants must also demonstrate strength in either computer science/computational methods or healthcare/biomedical science.

  • Computer science or computational methods: Competence in at least one programming or scripting language, such as R, Java, Python, SAS, etc. Applicants from computer science and related disciplines can strengthen their application by completing and excelling in at least one biomedical sciences or public health science course.
  • Healthcare/biomedical science: Significant coursework or a degree in a relevant scientific or health discipline, including a biological, social, or physical science, medicine, nursing, or public health. Applicants who have no computer programming experience can strengthen their application by completing and excelling in a computer science course.

Please note that all accepted students who do not have previous experience with the R programming language will be required to complete a self-paced course on R during the summer before classes begin.

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