Please note that our proposal to add the Biostatistics and Data Science track to our M.S. in Healthcare Policy and Research is currently pending NY State approval.

The Biostatistics and Data Science track provides top-class training in biostatistics, as well as the analytic techniques used in data science to prepare students for the data-driven challenges of today's world. By providing a firm foundation on the theory of biostatistics and a hands-on experience in data analysis, the track prepares students for data analytic careers in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, biomedical sciences, academics, and general data analytics.

Each student acquires hands-on experience through a faculty-mentored research project that begins in the first term and culminates in a capstone/portfolio final project.

The Biostatistics and Data Science track is an option for students enrolled in the M.S. in Healthcare Policy & Research program, which has close ties to other programs within the Medical College and University, the Department of Statistical Sciences at Cornell University, the Cornell Tech campus in New York City, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Full-time students can complete the M.S. in Healthcare Policy & Research program with the Biostatistics and Data Science track in 12 months, and part-time students in 18-24 months. Students must complete at least 34 credits to graduate.

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